Can Email and Artificial Intelligence Improve Client Engagement?

Email and Artificial Intelligence

A Deeper Look Into Email and Artificial Intelligence For Improved Email Engagement

Did you know over 215 billion emails are sent every day? Our ability to send and receive instantaneous email communications leads to more noise in business activity than ever before. The average office worker receives 121 emails per day. There’s no question the convenience of email is a double-edged sword.

It’s the sheer volume of emails that can also lead to poor communication. How important is it to communicate with your internal team? How important is communication with your clients? It’s not a stretch to say your business would not exist without clear and consistent communication with your client base. If you believe efficient communication is this important, you can’t afford not to emphasize email.

Many organizations, especially sales and service-based organizations, have trained employees to talk on the phone and communicate more effectively with customers. At the same time, many of those same organizations haven’t done a great job training team members how to communicate more effectively with email. Why do you suppose that is?

I believe there are many different explanations. In general, I think we take email for granted at times. It’s easy to overlook the value of email in our day-to-day operations. However, we can’t forget that what we say and how we say it has a dynamic impact on our organizations. Our clients and our staff judge us based on their interactions with us. One of those major interactions is email.

Think about how many crucial details are being missed by your business simply because they’re buried in email. How many hours are wasted every year because of outdated email providers and lack of integration with other business intelligence systems, such as your CRM? Think of how many times you’ve heard these words, among others:

  • “I must have missed that email.”
  • “I never received that email.”
  • “Hey, did you get my email?”
  • “Did we ever follow up with them about our proposal?”
  • “I don’t remember getting that attachment. Can you resend it?”

According to research by Return Path, approximately 15% of all email marketing messages are missing or unaccounted for. This astonishing statistic is based on automated marketing systems designed to deliver emails without human prompting. Untold hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted every year due to poor organization, inefficient email communications, and unclear messaging between team members and clients.

Imagine having the ability to analyze your current email communications to identify and capitalize on previously missed opportunities. Data-driven email engagement goes beyond simply email analytics; it uses existing email data to make concrete business decisions.

How data analysis can improve email engagement

Email intelligence examines every facet of your business’ email engagement to identify trends, errors, and communication opportunities. What do I mean by email intelligence? It refers to data-driven insight into all levels of email communications.

Email intelligence goes far beyond the scope of email marketing analytics. If your business is using an email distribution provider, such as MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, and Constant Contact, your email marketing analytics track data. Metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), opens, and subscriber activity are all base data tracked by email marketing analytics. While this provides a much-needed aspect to email marketing, it is mostly focused on acquiring new customers.

Using data to analyze email communications focuses on the macro perspective of ‘all things email’ relevant to your organization. A pure play email technology is designed to focus on four key elements:

  1. Personal Organization, Management, and Communication (zero inbox)
  2. Team Management and Communication
  3. Time/Cost Tracking
  4. Activity/Task Management and Organization

Integrating your email service via third-party API allows your organization to track, analyze, and optimize your email communications internally and externally using technologies that you are already accustomed to using. Data-driven email communications allows your business to intelligently answer these types of queries and more:

  • How quickly are we responding to emails?
  • Are we communicating the right message to clients?
  • What emails do I need to respond to today?

These questions are just the iceberg tip of potential in data-driven email communications. The innate purpose of communication has not changed. Businesses and clients want to be heard and to understand each other with the same level of clarity.

What has changed is the way in which we communicate. Relying on data to drive intelligent communications can improve the experience throughout your organization. Most importantly, data intelligence on how you communicate to your client base and prospects can increase the value and quality of your emails.

EnergizeMail: Intelligent insight for everyday communications

EnergizeMail is positioned to change the way your business uses email. It answers the question, “How do we communicate what we want to communicate in the way we want it to be received?” EnergizeMail uses analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) to track email activity that matters to your business success and help you communicate more efficiently and effectively.

Our third-party API integrations with Microsoft and Google (API pending) allow email users to maintain their current email technologies without interruption. While your team is growing your business, our email data technology is analyzing every email communication for a litany of details. Everything from email length to subject line, word choices, response times, reader engagement, and more are all categorized by predetermined classifications for email recipients, such as clients, strategic partners, and centers of influence.

Users receive a weekly report detailing email activity, pending to-do’s identified by our AI interface, and other essential data-driven email insights. Email is a pain for many companies. It doesn’t have to be for yours.

The future is here…

Many business owners claim they are the best at communicating with their clients, but is that really true? How did they come to that conclusion? I would be willing to bet that more people either assigned themselves that status or maybe they had one client say at some point how great they are at communicating. The reality is that in this day and age data makes it easy to fully understand what is actually true based off of concrete data versus guessing or hoping for something to be true.

Isn’t it time you stopped guessing and started growing? Effective communication is only becoming more and more vital to business success. With the right data and technology, organizing emails and communicating with clients no longer has to live in the world of “There’s got to be a better way…” A better way is here. EnergizeMail takes away the guesswork and frustration that is email and provides peace of mind.

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